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About Cybersecurity-professionals

Making a Difference Through Cybersecurity Career Development.

Enabling opportunity, education and inspiration for existing and future cybersecurity professionals.

One third of our advertising fees go towards our Corporate Social Responsibility objectives that benefit both existing and future cybersecurity professionals.

To date funds generated through advertisements and purchases on websites owned by CySec Professionals Ltd have enabled us to:
Provide free NCSC Certified NIST Cybersecurity Professional (NCSP) training for individuals in the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Ethiopa and the US who, for many reasons, would not have otherwise had the opportunity.
Send coding books to 9 primary schools in the UK aimed at inspiring the next generation of our profession. They will be your delegates, students and employees in the future, let’s inspire them.
Enable 28 veterans to undertake a 12 week virtual mentorship program through our ‘The Threat Within’ program.
Provide discounted NCSC Certified NIST Cybersecurity Professional (NCSP) training to military and public sector organisations in the UK and Australia.
Provide individuals with access to free CV writing and personal branding advice to help them get ahead.

Increase the visibility of your vacancies, training courses, degrees and professional body by advertising on and you too can help make a difference.


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