First, fully transparent job board for IT professionals in the UK & US.

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First fully transparent job board for IT professionals in the UK & US – find your next software engineering, QA, designer or product manager job. Search by salary, technology and location!

Our goal is to make the job search process for professionals more enjoyable by collecting all the job offerings in the country and presenting them in an informative, clean and interactive way. Our portal is for everyone working in the IT industry: Engineers, SAP and System Admins, Product Managers, QAs and UX/UI Designers! If you ever searched for an IT job, you probably noticed, that the existing job boards are painful to use: – Job descriptions are unstructured and don’t mention the important things, like technologies or work methodology (are you writing unit tests?); – Filtering and searching is incomplete and insufficient in terms of available options – you can search but good luck finding the jobs that match your skills, experience, and preferences; – You never know where your application goes – directly to the company or to some middle man recruiting agency? We aim to make things better and fix all that, what had been broken up to this point.

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