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Since 1999, EconomistJobs has been bringing the latest jobs in economics to a global audience. Used by hundreds of the world’s leading organizations and with active jobs updated constantly, EconomistJobs is widely regarded as the leading economist job board. Our team is focused on providing the best selection of jobs for economists including positions in regulation, competition, consultancy, finance, and academia. We believe that ‘opt-in’, email alerts advertising jobs dedicated to professional disciplines, represent the future of employment advertising. Such emails are clearly very efficient for both job seekers and employers alike. Subscribing to receive the EconomistJobs email alert is a convenient way for economists to keep their eye on new job opportunities that are relevant to them and a great way for employers to reach passive job seekers. The EconomistJobs weekly email alert has over 10,000 recipients and provides a unique way for employers to deliver their advertising message straight to the desktops of potential candidates. In addition, the website has over 35,000 monthly visitors – Economists actively looking for their next career move.

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