EJable is a Job board for English-speaking Tech jobs in Japan and English & Japanese-speaking candidates in the USA, UK, Australia, and India.

About Employmentjapan

. is a Japan and/or Japanese-centric global to connect employers with English-speaking tech (information technology) talent looking for a job in Japan and also with employers worldwide looking for Japanese-speaking candidates in their respective countries.

, (January 2024) , EJable has ever-expanding content about everything in Japan (” “), articles about Information Technology (” “), and also about jobs and career (” & “).

EJable.com bridges hiring companies and job seekers with the following combination:

 Employers in Japan looking to hire English-speaking (or bilingual) Tech Talent
 Employers outside Japan looking to hire Japanese-speaking employees

We also bring rich and exclusive educational content related to life in Japan and also niche content about Information Technology. The continuously expanding educational resources on the website are our commitment to the people interested in Japan or Japanese, that while we are always there to help with jobs and career searches, we are also committed to upskilling, education, and training for career growth.

We bridge job seekers and employers in various domains like information technology, service industry, hospitality, teaching, retail, manufacturing, and others, and cover positions from entry-level to mid-seniority level.




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